eCommerce Website Development – Second (Final) Payment


* Note: The total fee for this service is $1,500 Setup Fee + $100 Monthly for Hosting, Maintenance & Support. This is the second and final payment of 50% of the total ecommerce website development fee due after your website goes live. Also included in this order is the monthly hosting, maintenance & support fee ($100).

Major features of this service (as already listed in here) include:

  • Upload up to 150 products
  • Assign variations such as size and color to products
  • Automatic Inventory Control
  • Create coupons which give customers dollar or percentage discount on orders
  • Gift Certificates
  • Integration of Lead Capture Service (using
  • PayPal and Stripe payment gateways (or any one gateway of your choice)
  • Social media integration
  • Live chat service using Facebook Messenger

To get you started, we will upload up to 50 products and send you a short video clip of how to upload additional products and perform other administrative tasks like view new orders, edit order status etc.

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This will also add the following products to your cart:

  • Web Hosting, Maintenance & Support